Beamsplitters are key optical components used to separate one beam of light into two or more. Although configuration and format are key factors in OEM integration, the individual beam-splitter coatings applied to substrates are responsible for the tailored partial reflectance/transmission properties of beamsplitter optics. The most common type of beam-splitting element is a 50/50 optical cube or plate, which use dielectric films to split incident light into two individual beams of equal intensity. Yet there are many application-specific performance factors to consider when developing new optical systems, and a 50/50 ratio of reflection versus transmission may be insufficient.

Thin Films Lab specializes in generating high-quality optical coatings for precision applications. Our standard beamsplitters include plates and cubes designed for customer-specific R/T values with unspecified polarization properties. We can also generate high-quality beam-splitter coatings with high wavelength specificity and either polarizing and non-polarizing tendencies.

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