Partial Reflective Coatings

Partial reflective (PR) coatings are typically used for beam splitting of wideband light by partially reflecting a portion of the light incident on the optical component. Widely used in optical setups for laser systems, PR coatings with reflectance for single and broadband capabilities are generally used at 45-degree angles of incidence. One example of this is the 50/50 wideband beam splitter. Super wideband PR coatings can be used for beam splitters across an extremely wide spectral region, from ultraviolet through to infrared. Hence PR coatings are ideal for laser applications.

Thin Films Lab deploys electron beam deposition (e-Beam) and ion-assisted deposition techniques to generate high-quality coatings that can split light with and without polarization. We can design PR coatings for single wavelengths and for broadband partial reflectivity.

Beam Splitters

  • Any Ratio R/T
  • Polarizing Plates
  • High Power B/S Cubes
  • Polarizing Cubes
  • Non-Polarizing Dielectric B/S
  • Non-Polarizing Metal B/S
  • 50/50 Plates & Cubes

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