Optical Coatings Applications

At Thin Films Lab, we have the capacity to coat a wide range of optical components, including glass fiber optics for high-speed computer networking and electromagnetic interference filters for laser applications. We specialize in cutting-edge performance, providing high reflection coatings that have never been done before. Yet we also serve a range of conventional application areas with optical coatings designed and manufactured to your specifications.

We provide a suite of anti-reflection coatings for a choice of high-technology applications, including high power laser optics, optical fiber microlens coating, and a range of other applications where the integrity of light signal emission is paramount. Our areas of expertise include non-linear crystals, infrared coatings, ultraviolet (UV) filters for excimer lasers, sapphire laser optics, and precision optical shapes (i.e. cylinders and tubes).

One of our core competencies is anti-reflection optical components with broadband transmission properties. Increase optical transmission, eliminate undesirable optical effects, and enhance imaging contrast using optics coated with a choice of broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) materials:

  • MGF2
  • “V” – High Power
  • BBAR 2-14 on ZnSe
  • BBAR 3-15 on Ge
  • BBAR-VIS-Salt Spray
  • BBAR 400-1100 nm
  • BBAR-VIS – 1.06
  • BBAR-NIR-High Power
  • BBAR UV-High Power
  • 2:1 AR Non-Linear
  • Phase Control AR
  • Broadband Reflectors, 470-700, 0-45 degrees

Contact us today to speak directly to a coating designer. We aim to respond to all requests for quotes within 24 hours and can offer rapid turnaround times (2–10 day delivery) upon request.