Anti-Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection (AR) coatings serve numerous purposes, though they are primarily designed to reduce the reflectivity of optical components and to increase transmission efficiency within the desired wavelength range. Thin Films Lab specializes in broadband antireflective coatings (BBAR) applied to the surface of numerous different substrate materials and types. Our coating materials vary by application, with high-quality coatings engineered for specific transmission properties, such as tailored reflection coefficients.

BBAR coatings are generated by depositing a single layer of optical coating material with a high index on a substrate, then a low index material upon that. Electron beam deposition (e-Beam) is the preferred method of generating thin film optical coatings designed for eliminating reflections and potentially destructive interference from out-of-band wavelengths.

Typical Anti-Reflection Coatings

  • MGF2
  • “V” – High Power
  • BBAR 2-14 on ZnSe
  • BBAR 3-15 on Ge
  • BBAR-VIS-Salt Spray
  • BBAR 400-1100 nm
  • BBAR-VIS – 1.06
  • BBAR-NIR-High Power
  • BBAR UV-High Power
  • 2:1 AR Non-Linear
  • Phase Control AR

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