Highly Reflective Coating

Highly reflective (HR) coatings naturally provide high reflection capabilities, proffered by multilayer dielectric materials–each with a complimenting refractive index. The goal with highly reflective optical coatings is to maximize transmission within a desired spectral range and to reflect light in out-of-band wavelength ranges. Metal coatings can be used to achieve a similar effect, but metal films cannot provide the level of reflectivity offered by dielectric thin films.

At Thin Films Lab, we produce high-quality protective coatings for critical reflector components and laser optics. Our solutions provide finely-tuned transmission properties for the most challenging applications, ensuring maximum transmission across spectral regions of interest with minimal interference.

Reflectors from Thin Films Lab

  • High Power Laser
  • Broadband Reflectors, 470-700, 0-45 degrees
  • Long Pass Filters
  • Short Pass Filters
  • UV High Power
  • Far IR

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