Thin Film Labs

Custom Optical Coatings

Thin Film Labs specializes in design and fabrication of optical coatings based on dielectric, multilayer films. We supply unique thin film systems to customers in a wide range of application areas. Using precision electron beam (e-Beam) deposition and ion-aided deposition techniques, we can offer an array of high-quality optical coatings on various substrate materials and types

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings
Highly Reflective (HR) Coatings
Partially Reflective Coatings

Our speciality in proprietary thin films makes us the go-to thin film manufacturer for optical systems that have never been done before.

We work on expedited timeframes to support you throughout your product development life cycle, from proof of concept and scale-up to full-scale production.

Contact us today to speak directly to a coating designer. We aim to respond to all requests for quotes within 24 hours and can offer rapid turnaround times (2–10 day delivery) upon request.