Optical Coatings

Thin Film Lab generates high-quality optical coatings designed for the most challenging customer requirements. With expertise in electron beam (e-Beam) and ion-aided thin film deposition methods, we are uniquely positioned to meet stringent customer specifications. We use two distinct methods of thermal evaporation to ablate source materials with high melting points, allowing for precision optical components coated with various functional evaporation materials.

Both our electron beam evaporation and ion-assisted beam deposition (IABD) systems use high-energy beam sources to vaporize deposition materials in high vacuum conditions. Our tools enable high deposition rates with high material utilization efficiency, translating to better performance at lower cost and in shorter timeframes than before.

We can satisfy a range of proprietary quests for bespoke optical coatings, but our primary areas of expertise include optical coatings with high refractive index properties such as broadband anti-reflection coatings, highly reflective filters for laser applications, and partially reflective coatings.

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings
Highly Reflective (HR) Coatings
Partially Reflective Coatings

Thin Film Lab is a Platypus Technologies company. We benefit from Platypus Tech’s expertise in metal coatings and e-Beam deposition. Contact us today to speak directly to a coating designer. We aim to respond to all requests for quotes within 24 hours and can offer rapid turnaround times (2–10 day delivery) upon request.